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Khoo Eng Tat is a Research Scholar at Mixed Reality Lab in National University of Singapore (NUS). His research topics are human-computer interaction (HCI), family entertainment, interactive language with music and interactive music with visual art. He has shown his work Age Invaders in Montreal for SIGCHI 2006 and in Japan for Interactive Tokyo 2006.

Eng Tat has collaborated with Choy Ka Fai to showcase an interactive visual-sound installation the passage for the exhibition Objects & Desires. His works, From Poetry to Music: A Baba House Study and An Interactive Visual Arts Concert, were presented in the NUS Arts Festival 2007. He is also a composer for recording label Rock Publishing .

More information about his work can be found in the Previous Works section.

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You can contact Eng Tat for any enquiries or collaboration possibilities at moc.liamg|teoohk#moc.liamg|teoohk.

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