Cross-Generation Cross-Media Interactive Entertainment System

In our previous work, we have invented Age Invaders (, a novel intergenerational social and physical game for elderly and children. Bringing Space Invaders out of its original arcade form, the researchers have developed a new mixed reality game, Age Invaders that transforms grandparents into human space invaders characters, and enable them to play the game harmoniously with their grandchildren at home. Parents at work can join in the game’s virtual world remotely through the internet browser, this allowing all three generations to play together. We have shown the work extensively in Canada, Japan, and many places in Singapore. More information please refer to section "Age Invaders", "Publications" and "International and Local Demos Exhibitions".

As an extension of the work, we would like to explore two major area, culture computing and collective creativity. We wanted to create a cross-media interaction system that enables users to learn about cultures and produce creative contents (music/dance/literature) through their interaction with our system. We wanted to create interactions/games where the players not only have fun, but they also learn about deep rooted cultures through their interaction with the media. For example the users learn about Confucius teachings through the games. On the other hand, we would also like to encourage creative content creation. For example users who do not know how to compose or play music could come together, and through their interactions using the system, collaboratively create music/songs or visual arts.


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